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Talks and panel discussions

On stage

I have done educational and inspirational talks and panel discussions at various events. My clients are creative agencies, marketing departments, design schools, art departments and union organizations.

I am based in Stockholm, Sweden

“Inspiring and energetic!”

“We are so satisfied and suddenly feel extremely at the forefront.”

Clients: Bildupphovsrätt, Esatto, Familjen, HSB, Maskot, People People People, Pool, Stockholms Tekniska Institut, Svenska Tecknare, Tegel&Hatt, Åkestam Holst, Women in Tech & more


Women in tech 2023

Talk & panel discussion

Konstnärernas riksförbund, Fotografernas riksförbund, Svenska tecknare


Tidskriftsdagen 2023

Panel discussion

Breakfast panel at People People People


What is generative AI?

In this lecture I explain the basics of how generative AI works, tools avaliable, the possibilities and responsibilities we have when using generative AI, and a discussion on when generative AI is great – and when it’s not. Can be adapted for your needs.

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Midjourney 101

What is prompt crafting and how do you do it? Let’s dive into basic structure and how to get started with Midjourney.

I recommend starting with a lecture and continuing with this workshop where I show a good starting structure for using Midjourney and some good tips, tricks and starting points.

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Excel in Midjourney

More advanced course recommended after the first one. We deep dive into seeds and functions and how you can work to get your desired image.

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