Annika Bäckström

Synthetic media artist & AI prompt specialist


Annika Bäckström is a graphic designer, and award winning illustrator with a great interest in new technologies.

She has gained recognition for her AI generated art and educational talks about synthetic media.

Talks & Workshops


Synthetic media – tools for creativity

Discover how AI services created by companies like Midjourney research lab, OpenAI and Stability AI are transforming the creative landscape.

This presentation is a very hands on introduction to the world of synthetic media and generative AI.

I will answer many of the frequently asked questions like:

What is synthetic media and generative AI?
How does it work?
Who owns the generated images?

Midjourney essentials workshop

Prompting 101

What is prompt crafting and how do you do it? Let’s dive into basic structure and how to get started with Midjourney.